Memorial - to the A.T.S.

(A.T.S. Remembered)

Memorial to the Women of World War II

On 15th July 2006 a memorial specifically to the A.T.S. was opened at the National Memorial Arboretum.

The idea of the memorial was originally conceived by Mrs Jean Crawley, who was a member of the 93rd Searchlight Regiment. After several iterations, this idea was taken on by Mrs Mary Beeston and Mrs Margaret Rogers who both served in the A.T.S. during World War II. They felt so strongly that the part the A.T.S. played in the success of World War II should be commemorated, that they set about raising the funds for this memorial themselves.

The memorial is made from reconstituted stone and is a lifesize sculpture of an ATS girl in uniform. It was cast by Andy DeComyn, an artist from the Midlands who has been sculpting memorials since 2000 and has been a practicing artist since the 1980s. He has already been responsible for the 'Shot at Dawn' Memorial in the National Arboretum, the 'Piper's Memorial' which is at Longueval on the Somme and the Holocaust Memorial in Redditch town centre.

Below are some pictures taken during the ceremony:

The A.T.S. Memorial
The memorial and Sculpter, Andy DeComyn
Spitfire in fly past
Veterans in a march past
Veterans at the searchlight display
Pipers at the unveiling


Further details of Andy DeComyn's work can be found at: and

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