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(A.T.S. Remembered)

Please contact me using the link below. If you just want to leave me an address I will write to you or I can contact you by telephone if you would prefer.

Please remember that I have NO access to the official Service Records of ATS Veterans and I do not have any way of helping you with family history searches.

I want to know about the experiences of any A.T.S. veterans and archive the memories of this important time in history!. Don't let the world forget the contribution women made to the success of World War 2.

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Contact me by clicking on this link. Don't forget to leave me a contact e-mail address, home address or telephone number and your name. .

If you prefer to contact me by post, you can reach me at the project address of 93 Poplar Road, Warmley, Bristol, U.K., BS30 5JS

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