(A.T.S. Remembered)


As women were generally not in the 'field' in the same way as men, they were not issued with webbing or packs for their personal equipment. Instead, they were issued with a bag for their kit and then specialist items of clothing to enable them to carry out other tasks. Some of the items they were issued with were:

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  • One item particularly liked by the members was the respirator bag, or gas mask bag as it is commonly known. The reason for this was that members did not have anywhere to put their personal belongings whilst out and about in their S.D. The solution? To empty out your respirator and use the bag as a handbag. Members were obviously not supposed to do this, but after the early years of the war, it was realised that gas attack was not likely, so the members felt justified in using their bag this way. Later in the war the members were issued with a special A.T.S. handbag and so this practice stopped. The following cartoon illustrates the situation:


    Some of the specialist jobs the ATS had to undertake, meant that they had to have issues of specialist items:

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