My Interest

(A.T.S. Remembered)

Why am I interested?

There are several reasons:

I can find out facts about how the A.T.S. was organised and what roles the members carried out from the official records. What I want to know about are the experiences of the members and their memories of this important time in history. One of the times that women proved themselves to be capable of jobs they had not been allowed to do before. I want to ensure these memories are not lost and the contribution of these young women is not forgotten.

  • Here is a picture of my mother, Phyllis Eva Fryer (nee Gibbons) - she was a member of the A.T.S. from 1942 - 1944 but left for family reasons. She was very proud of being an A.T.S. member, and I know that she had fond memories of her time in the service and the camaraderie she experienced. Unfortunately, she died on 7th May 2002.
Phyllis Eva Fryer
Beryl Furey-King
  • Here is a picture of me, Beryl Anne Furey-King (nee Fryer) - I am a member of a living history group called the AckAck Living History Group who re-enacts a Royal Artillery Mixed Battery from World War 2. We have two WW2 Searchlights. We can be found at many of the living history displays that take place in the UK. I do this in memory of my mother and the other young women who put their lives on 'hold' to support the WW2 war effort.


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