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National Archives

The National Archives is a national resource for anyone interested in, or with responsibility for, documents relating to British history. The National Archives are an amalgamation of the Public Records Office (PRO) and the Historical Manuscripts Commission (HMC).

Public Records Office

The PRO looks after state and central court documents from the Doomsday Book to the present, making them available at its reading rooms in Kew and at the Family Records Centre in Central London for anyone who wishes to see them. The PRO also provides access to certain documents online.

The PRO works with central government to help select documents now, which will be opened to the public in 30 years time and also provides advice for central government record officers, certain archives, and increasingly for local government to ensure these records are looked after in a way which will guarantee their preservation for future generations.

The official records of the A.T.S. are preserved at the Public Record Office, comprising copies of War Office records, War Cabinet records and Army Lists.

Their Family Records include a section on Women in Uniform which is very informative. A link to that information is provided here: Family Records - Women in Uniform

Historical Manuscripts Commission

The Historical Manuscripts Commission (HMC) is the UK's central advisory body on archives and manuscripts relating to British history. Established in 1869 it is the principal source of information for researchers on the nature and location of particular records. It maintains the National Register of Archives, the ARCHON directory and portal, giving direct links to record repositories and archival research projects in progress, and the Manorial Documents Register.



The National Archives are situated at:

Ruskin Avenue,
Kew, Richmond,
Surrey TW9 4DU
Tel: 020 8876 3444

and can be contacted at the website address


National Archives

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