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One of the most satisfying ways to enjoy re-enactment is to join a re-enactment group. There are groups all over the country and although many British World War II groups would welcome additional A.T.S. members, there are not many A.T.S. specific groups. The best way to find a group is to visit a living history event and look round for a group with A.T.S. members. If you like the look of what they are doing, just go and speak to them. Most groups are really pleased to find someone with the same interest as themselves and they are always looking for new members.

Some groups also have a presence on the World Wide Web and this is another place to look.

Try some of the links below for guidance. If you know of any other groups that could be mentioned here, just contact me and I will add them.

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WWII Re-enacting

 WWII Re-enacting is dedicated to bringing World War Two era re-enactors from the UK together. If you have an interest in reenacting, this site is for you. You can use our forums, which will be the main form of communication between us all. You can discuss everything from battle reenactment to vehicles and much more. This site will keep you posted on latest events and shows with articles and news also. You can submit your own group website to

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Ack Ack Living History

AckAck Living History


Ack Ack Living History is a Group based in the South of the Country. They aim to inform those interested, in the work that was carried out in the defence of Great Britain during the Second World War.

The group is made up of men and women who recreate the Royal Artillery and the A.T.S.using original uniforms or high quality reproductions. The group is recognised as one of the leading groups covering this area of World War II history in Great Britain.

This group has a good A.T.S. contingent and at some events portray the 93rd Searchlight Regiment - the only all female regiment to ever exist in the British Army.

This is the group that I belong to.

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