Service Dress

(A.T.S. Remembered)

Service Dress (S.D.)

Service Dress was the main item of uniform that was issued regardless of trade. If you were in Signals or were a Clerk etc there was no need to have any specialist uniform items, as you would not be expected to be out in all weathers or carrying out any of the dirty manual tasks that some trades had to. The uniform consisted:

Members wearing first pattern Service Dress

Field cap side, with badge
(brown with green piping)

Field cap, top
(showing beech top)


Tropical kit was also made available to members posted to warm countries, such as South Africa, Egypt etc.

A.T.S. uniform evolved over the war years and, as with many things during the WW2 period, members made do with what they could get. There seemed to often be a mixing of cap/bonnet styles and differing patterns of uniform even within groups.

There are some good books with information about uniform and I would recommend:


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